The most important strategy in content marketing today is video.

Whether it’s a video on Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Youtube, your online booking platforms or on your own distinct event page,  the content you need to be thinking about creating and marketing,  is video. This is especially true when it comes to event marketing and promotion. 

We absolutely love a great event promo video, and we wanted to share a few that we find are pretty good. 

And yes, we are starting with the FYRE promo VIDEO.

Why?  Well, even though the festival was a total failure, this is actually one of the best (AND MOST WATCHED) event promotional videos out there!

There are many things they did wrong, but event promotion was certainly not one of them. No matter what you think of the Fyre,  this is one of the most-watched event promotional videos online. Most of the experts are commenting and writing about all of the negative lessons we can learn from the FYRE festival failure.

However, from the pure marketing point of view, we can actually learn a lot.  After all, the Fyre team has worked with some of THE BEST marketing agencies out there, to create the promotion around the Festival. These professionals were not a fraud or a failure, and they are actually really successful and great at what they do. Can we evaluate this promo video from the purely educational aspect?  We think so. 

If there are any positive lessons we can take away from the FYRE festival story, it is how to do an event promotion video that excites people (and unfortunately nothing else after that).

NB: Oh one more thing, do not lie to your audience in your video if you cannot meet their expectations. It will come back to bite you!!!