Can a venue help in promotion of of your event? Yes, it can. 

Your sponsors, partners, venue and suppliers can become your event ambassadors and promoters.

Mbooked smart ticketing and events promotion solution experts, have recently said that they offer organizers an opportunity to promoter their event with the help of any number of event partners, suppliers and sponsors.

They created a robust marketing affiliate function, for which they were rewarded making it to the top 3 of the best event technology for this year's Event Industry Awards in Dublin. 

So how can your venue become your event promoter? 

Facebook has been offering this for a while now. You can add your event partners to your Facebook event page and co promote with them. Many gigs and events on Facebook are making the most out of this feature. 

But what happens when you are organising a bigger event, or need an independent ticketing page and more professional look?

Mbooked allows you to create a series of afflilate links, co promote online with your suppliers or partners or even reward them for promoting your event.

Why is it great? 

For starters, your venue partner not only helps to promote your event. Simultaneously, they promote their own spaces and facilities to get visibility online. This in turn affects nearly every aspect of their digital marketing and promotion.

Want to know more? Mbooked offers free digital webinars. 

P. S the featured picture is of  a stunning conference centre in Lublijana