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This week the digital marketing experts at Mbooked.com have discussed why it is crucial for event promoters, to have a Facebook Pixel installed on your event website. Read on...


Nowadays, promoting an event on social media in the majority of cases looks the same. Organisers create an event page on Facebook, share wherever possible, and hope for someone to buy a ticket. Sounds familiar? 

The organisers base the results of their activities, on the number of people confirming their arrival at the event on the Facebook page. This in no way translates into the actual number of tickets sold. In fact, the majority of people who did confirm on the Facebook event page, do not show up to an actual event. 

Why is this happening? The answer is simple; lack of insight and experience in online marketing. 

The aforementioned actions are a bare minimum of what promoters can do. A few years ago, Facebook has already provided a fantastic tool for promotion. Facebook PIXEL has quickly become the foundation of online advertising.

FB pixel automatically recognizes which people visited your event website, and creates a targeted advertising group, based on the interests of those people. 

We no longer have to spend money on reclamation in the dark. You can collect organic traffic from your website. Use it in advertising of your event, by making it visible ONLY to those people who already have shown interest in our event and your product. This type of strategy is called re-marketing.

Two weeks of such a campaign could prove very successful for your event. With FB Pixel installed and the right data collected, you can create lookalike audiences and heavily promote your event online to THE RIGHT AUDIENCE, 2 weeks before the event.

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