The user-generated content is taking over the world by storm.

Nobody cares as much about the magazine or add content anymore and the perfectly polished photos taken by a professional. With the rise of social, we want to see what our friends, work colleagues, and family are doing. Where they are traveling to, which places they visited and what pictures they share with us. We can relive their journeys.

If you are working for a hotel/venue sales department, you are definitely familiar with the concept of fam trips to attract new buyers and business.

If you are already putting in resources into the organisation of the fam trip why would you limit the experience to only 10 invited buyers?

In the era of social media and online, you can have your budget and effort, reach a lot more professionals than you imagine.


1. Create a special hashtag for your fam trip: eg #LisbonFam2019

Share this with the fam participants.  Ask for your participants to take pics, share tag across their networks.  Ask participants to tag you (venue, hotel, destination tagline) in their posts

2. Hire a person for your fam trips to take pictures and post behind the stages (This could be a member of your team after some training is provided)

3. Create short event videos and pictures. At the event of your fam trip, send this to participants. EVERYBODY loves sharing an already made video and pictures. This is super easy to do- you just need a good camera these days and editing software such as Filamura go (free of charge)

4. Use #eventprofs hashtag (and other important industry hashtags) when you post your content

5. Use the user-generated content (pictures, videos from fam trip participants) on your own channels. This should be included in your post FAM TRIP promotion strategy, for weeks to come.

6. No matter what, always ask your participants to tag you. Do not expect them to know your tagline. provide it so they don’t have to look for it online.

Think of social media sharing, not as a way to self promote or show off but to actually help your hotel, venue, city or destination to reach more people.

Nothing works better than referrals but nowadays the referrals are no longer just the word of mouth. There are also social media referrals, based on great experiences we see online that other people are having.

Examples of fam trips we attended and posted our pictures online- we developed a lot of traffic for hotels, destinations, and venues which invited us- by using the right hashtags and promoting to our individual networks. 

Malta 2016

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Nethelrands 2016

Kilkenny River Court hotel, Ireland 2017

Sevilla 2017