Video content is taking the online and social media world by storm.

Video content gets much higher organic reach and visibility than photos when uploaded to any platform. The research suggests that videos of less than 60 seconds are the most watched and enjoyed by professionals online.

But to lure the followers in and keep them engaged, you must have a strategy. Random videos are no good. You shall adopt a mentality of a movie producer and create an exciting show for your clients and fans to enjoy and continue to indulge in.

1. Being consistent is key!!!! People will be disappointed if you are not systematic in your delivery. Once you are ready to make the commitment, here are some tips we learned from a top media academy, in order to guide you.

2. Decide what genre/type of video content you will produce. These can be educational videos, interviews, comedies, documentary, product video, company culture video.

3. Decide on the name of your series. Yes, you heard that correctly. You must design a series with episodes. For example, a documentary series called “Everyday life at our hotel”

Decide how many episodes will the “show” run for, and how often are you going to post? Once a week for 20 weeks? That is 20 episodes.

4. Write a short script for each episode. What should be shown (not said) in each video? What pictures to be used? After all, you want to tell a story with pictures. Do not worry- this does not have to be complex. Let us say for episode one of your new hotel series, you will show a receptionist welcoming the guests and the importance of the first impressions. You can decide to shoot the reception area, add an interview with a receptionist and the front desk team. Perhaps you could talk to some of the quests? Think of the pictures you will show. Add logos, music or anything else that represents your brand.

5. Upload the video straight into every single platform for bigger organic reach. Many professionals make a huge mistake of uploading the video only to youtube and then sharing a youtube link on all of the other platforms. THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE. You must upload your video DIRECT to every single platform (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc) as they all have their algorithms.

6. Boost your post- give it an extra money boost on social media. You would first want to install a facebook pixel in your web site and perhaps promote the video only to those people on facebook who have visited your website the previous week? There are many opportunities in digital marketing, and we will continue to fill you in.