Marketing to Millennials 

If you are planning your event marketing or sponsorship strategy to include Millennials, make sure you are doing it right. Millennials are used to doing online research and finding what they are looking for. Many young people are constantly looking for great events to attend but are you doing your marketing right to attract them? 

Here are the top 10 tips. 

1. Your event website must be mobile/tablet optimised and offer a very enjoyable mobile experience. It should also load in less than 5 seconds. 

2. Your event website is important but, 74% of event planners say that social media is the most effective tool for event marketing, followed by email marketing at 66%

3. Hang out where millennials hang out online. Promote only on social media platforms relevant to your target audience.  (Ever heard of TIK TOK? )

8 out of 10 Millennials surf the web on their mobile while watching TV, and they watch an average of 6 hours of video per week on their devices. Youtube is a great place of promotion and so is Whatsapp- but you have to do it right. 

4. Create cool videos as a part of your marketing strategy. Millennials love great videos - informative, fun and entertaining. These event promotion videos could be showing your potential event attendees what is in store for them at your event. It would be wise to create videos with your speakers, artists, special guests etc. And do not forget to produce a video about the venue and its unique characteristics (especially if you booked a killer venue). The venue can become an inspiration for great marketing content and should not be promoted only during the event.

Last but not least,  produce a video about the city or a destination you are hosting your event in. People can get really excited about locations and cultures they will get to interact with. 

5. Email marketing is still very successful and must not be taken for granted- but make sure you sent great content and engage your community. 

6. WhatsApp communication tool works fantastically well- you can use it as a promotion tool. The offline message alerts ensure users know when a message is waiting so your messages won't be lost.   We wrote about WhatsApp marketing in our previous post. 

7. Millennials do want to talk to a real person and not a social media agent hired to answer various claims. Make social media experience human and caring. 

8. Make sure your event website has plenty of user-generated content (USG) to help Millennials make their mind up. Millennials love to see their peers experiencing your event previously or dealing with your company. And if you are organizing your event for the first time, make sure you engage attendees to produce various content, so that you can use it in the promotion for your next event. 

9. Work with online influencers who can produce USG from their own angle. Allow them freedom- they know what their followers like to see and how to communicate with them. To avoid any disappointments we suggest work with talent/modelling agencies which are actually representing influencers as "talent" and can be booked to promote your brand.  

10. Do not market to demographics or stages of life. Millennials marry later or not at all and they have kids later or not at all. This traditional marketing approach just won't work. Instead, promote to specific niche interest groups which reflect their hobbies or professional interests: for example "Climate change activists" or "Bio food fans" (Think of facebook groups and follow that mentality).