Telegram for the event promo - what you should know and how to use it properly.

Telegram is a popular messaging platform gaining the attention of event promoters. Many, however, are not using this tool - missing out, on an amazing promotional opportunity.  We look at ways at which event organisers can use Telegram to promote events and communicate with their clients. 

The messaging app revolution 

In the last few years, messenger apps gained more users than social networks.

Telegram is the newest messenger app gaining popularity on a worldwide scale. The current number of users that Telegram has reached is 200 million. While it is far from the 1 billion on WhatsApp, it is growing steadily. 

The Telegram app does not have popularity in any given country - and there are users from all around the world. However, it is especially popular with the biggest number of downlands in Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain, India or Pakistan. 

Telegram is all about channels

A Telegram channel is like some sort of a Facebook/Linkedin business or fan page, on which people share content with their followers.

Telegram channels provide the instant messaging feature, at a zero cost, regardless of the amount of shared content or the number of subscribers.

Within a Telegram account, you can create up to 8 channels.

To ensure each channel has steady growth, you shall choose a catchy name that will be easy to remember and provide and good channel description. 

When it comes to marketing, Telegram is a popular platform due to that channel feature, as it makes the app a fantastic tool to promote a business, company, product, service OR AN EVENT. 

If configured and managed accordingly, a channel can become a great source of information and a reliable way to keep your clients updated on the latest promotions and discounts.

This works very well with events promotion. Your subscribers can keep up to date with your events, news, changes to the schedule, entertainment added, music acts, speakers, sessions, sponsors, prizes, competitions and more...

Reaching subscribers cannot be easier, because Telegram sends instant messages, with your posts, to subscribers’ devices

Public or private Telegram channel for your event promotion?

You can choose to create a private or public Telegram channel.

In the case of public channels, the users can freely become part of the channel.

In private channels, you as the administrator have the power to select the audience, by accepting or declining users’ requests.

Therefore, the private channel prevents the leakage of any confidential data and can make your subscribers feel safe and special. 

How could I use telegram to promote my events?

Step 1 is to create a channel and reach new subscribers.

That would be easier if you already have clients. Invite them to your new Telegram channel.

Step 2 Tell them about some of the benefits of using it.

What could they expect from your Telegram channel? Here are some of the benefits and ways in which you could use this app for the marketing of your gigs or events. 

  • Communicating with your subscribers/clients 
  • Promoting new events, tickets and discount codes for tickets 
  • Real-time support and communication during the event and ticket booking process and/ or during the event 
  • Individual assistance during your event and ticket booking process or  right at the even 
  • Keeping them up to date with event schedule and information 
  • Announcing special guests,  speakers or acts
  • Announcing competitions and special prizes up for grabs
  • Concierge services
  • Online ordering (tickets for your events example)
  • Increasing brand awareness and additional traffic to your event booking  site 
  • Create a private channel for VIP ticket holders