Founded in 2009, WhatsApp has revolutionized the concept of messaging services.

Nowadays, WhatsApp has 500 million monthly active users. But if you think WhatsApp is limited to only sending text messages, then you are wrong. It is actually considered to be the quickest means to introduce new products, offers and promotions directly to relevant users. 

WhatsApp can be a fantastic tool for event promoters. It allows organisers for more personal contact with event clients, attendees and festival-goers. 


1. Create a WhatsApp group for event registrants so that they can receive last-minute updates, special offers, information about the event. It also works if they have any specific questions that they could ask you. Another advantage of this feature is that there are more chances of your message to go viral when the participant shares the content with their friends.

2. Create sub-groups for attendees in specific event sessions, so you can share media files specific to them and information. this works very well if your event has many stages 

3. Text event customers directly for issues specific to them, like dietary requirements, arrival times and taxis, accommodation concerns, special wishes

Bonus idea:

A WhatsApp group can cut down on the volume of emails exchanged among your team and your event clients and goers. Also, most of the Millenials and Generation Z audience and attendees are mobile natives.  They actually prefer WhatsApp communication as opposed to countless emails 

For more experienced marketers: 

WhatsApp allows event promoters the ability to run a campaign. This means you can encourage recipients to send images of them attending your event or festival, posing in front of your venue, attending talks, dancing during your concert etc. In return, offer discount codes for the next event, and acquire relevant contacts to grow your event reach.