A few years ago people looked at social media marketing with skepticism.  Today nobody has any shade of doubt, that social media is a hugely powerful marketing medium. 

More than 50% of Millenials and Gen Z are already finding out about products and services from social media. To compare only 20% from TV.

However with the rise of PAID ADDS on every single platform, needed expertise and valuable training to run the adds manager platforms, or just the ever-changing social media algorithms -; many hotel and venue sales managers feel tired and overwhelmed. Understandably so. 

Meanwhile, the so-called social media influencers (with hundreds of thousands and millions of followers)  are demanding huge sums of money for promoting your property or product. 

But there is another way to promote on social media and the hospitality industry can truly benefit from it.     

Promote with your fans- not influencers

First of all the trust of the macro influencers (those with a following of over 1000000 ) is falling. People on social media are now much smarter and understand that influencers simply make money by promoting products or services- often if it's harmful or simply not that good as they promise.

In other words: we became savvier with the social media content and are now used to constant promotion of products and unattainable lifestyles. 

As a result, we can observe a phenomenon that is currently happening. Brands are working with mico and nano influencers and real fans- these people with a following lower than 1000 followers.

Those so-called nano influencers are normal people who enjoy social media and create nice posts about things they love and enjoy. These people are trustworthy with networks of people they know. Their followers are often friends and family and the "influencer" truly has a real impact on the life and decisions of his/her followers. 


1. Talk to your guests or clients. Are they on social media? Offer them extra upgrade, cocktail, goodie bag and ask to share it on social media.

2. Crate selfie spots around your property. Announce "The selfie competitions" (with prizes) and ask the selfie-takers to tag you. Pick the best and re-share on social. 

3. Contact and pay micro influencers. Instead of one big fat payment to MACRO influencer, you could target 20 smaller micro influencers and spread the payments. 

4. Use tools that help to detect your TOP FANS on social media such as ZYPER.  Use the data to your benefit. Zyper, helps you to find your top 1% of fans, regardless of follower count. 

Make sure your strategy is always to care about your top  FANS. Real people who visited your hotel or placed an event there, and love to and brag about it online. REWARD THEM. 

This PR strategy will automatically turn into a loyalty scheme as well. What can be better than that?