The right #venuematters . You might have spotted this hashtag used in most of our posts and conversations online. We at Turnedsee along with our users believe that our industry can benefit hugely if planners spend more time and effort searching for the most unique and perfectly matched venue. But that being said the process could be simplified. Turnedsee team is preparing a very unique platform with wonderful, special spaces and insider tips. At times we get asked...  What real difference does a breathtaking venue make to an event?

A very good example is the recent Dolce and Gabanna show in Sicily's Valley of the Temples, in the shadow of the Sicilian town of Agrigento.

The monument, of course, is a crown jewel in Italy's culture, so the negotiations to showcase the "Alta Moda" collection here, in Dolce's native Sicily, were two years in the making, and the preparations were extraordinarily elaborate. 

Vogue magazine commented : 

"The collection naturally drew inspiration from the site, with ensembles inspired by - and named for - ancient Greek and Roman goddesses (…) Some of the girls ended their runway walk standing on plinths that had been set between the temple's columns, like living caryatids, and a quintet of ballgowned beauties arranged themselves on the steps. 

"It gives me the dream," said Dolce after the spectacular show, "and it helps me to live through the next six months." 

Pic credit: Svetlana Soroka Photographer 

After the show, the guests, too, had the opportunity to walk through the temple in a selfie frenzy on their way to a bucolic after-show dinner. 

Here, tables were set beneath the trees in an olive grove with views up the hill to the flood-lit Temple of Juno and back to the Temple of Concordia, now lit by a crescent moon: magic.

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This is a perfect example,  in which THE VENUE becomes a central piece of the event. The event revolves around the venue and takes inspiration from it. This brings uniqueness not only to the brand itself but it also delights attendees

 The venue becomes a huge part of the  " once in a lifetime " experience for all the people involved in this event: planners, suppliers, guests.  

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And this is what is all about.

We want you to find unique venues that will help to turn your event into magic, even if you are not working with a high-end budget. There is always something special out there that could fit your budget and your ideas.

Join us as a user today. 

Congrats to Dolce & Gabanna on their super successful show in Sicily.