Thanks to Monaco Telecom, Principality of Monaco is now completely connected to 5G, making it the first in the world to achieve total coverage with the high-speed technology.

Private and business customers are now able to access new technology on compatible smartphones. But 5G will also be used across the board, to improve the quality of life and services for those living in or visiting the Principality. This includes event organisers , that choose Monaco as their destination. 

Some social causes that will benefit thanks to 5G are for example the Monaco Firefighters, who will be able to use the 5G to operate surveillance drones equipped with high-definition cameras, as well as a pre-diagnosis application at the site of an incident, connected to the hospital to save time and improve the victims’ chances of survival. Also, the self-driving eco-bus which is currently in service in the Rock will soon integrate the 5G technology. Both improvements are closely connected with groups and events management industry, are already making Monaco a very unique, safe and eco choice for medium and large size events. 

Meanwhile, Monacolive reported Cassandra Tanti reckons that companies based in Monaco will also hugely benefit from this advancements. The deployment of 5G will open the door for possible new markets as well as it will attract new high profile technology startups and companies into the principality. 

“Where all previous generations focused on telecommunications and private exchanges, 5G is the embodiment of digital integration across all pillars of our society and economy. Energy, health, the media and transport will be transformed thanks to 5G … This offers the Principality, its inhabitants, its public policies and it's economy immense possibilities for the good of all.”- said Martin Peronnet, General Manager of Monaco Telecom.

We asked Rebecca Petit-Jean from Visit Monaco,  how becoming the first destination in the world to be fully connected to 5G, will benefit Monaco as a destination. 

TURNEDSEE:  You are already known as a sustainable destination embracing all green trends. You do engage in social media campaigns. Now 5 G. Even though you are a small destination, you seem to always stay on top of the current trends and often ahead of the larger destinations. Why is that do you think?

REBECCA: Monaco is the 2nd smallest country in the world but has managed to maintain a strong reputation as being one of the most prestigious and rewarding destinations to live in. It is now among the most cosmopolitan and safest state in the world, welcoming people from 132 nationalities.

When thinking about the Principality of Monaco, not many people associate us with technology, scientific research, medicine, information services, finance and sustainable development but our 2.2 square kilometre country gathers a competitive, innovative and dynamic community of experts in many sectors.  Today, Monaco has one of the most dynamic pools of employment in Southern Europe with over 5,000 businesses being represented. It is important for the Principality of Monaco to always be on top of its game in order to be able to keep offering both its inhabitants and visitors a high quality of life when they are in Monaco.

TURNEDSEE: Digitalisation and rise of the Internet of things (IoT), brings a huge need for 5G. Do you think Monaco will be promoted and regarded as a unique destination thanks to keeping in line, with the current digitalisation trends (including 5 G)? Becoming more attractive thanks to it?

REBECCA: Monaco is unique in size (2.2 km2), in the concentration of quality of services offered at all levels with a multi-awarded convention centre, 2500 bedrooms in fantastic properties from 3* to 5* Luxury, the most stunning venues for events and a great range of activities. 

The IT sector is our largest segment of activity in Monaco as well as being the one who produces the highest MICE demand.  So to be the first country in Europe fully covered with 5G is definitely very positive for the destination. I am confident the 5G will attract more demand from IT companies to organize their event in Monaco.

The 5G will offer greater data transfer speeds. (For instance, it will take only 10 seconds to download a 10Go video, while with the 4G it currently takes 7min).  We will have the possibility to watch live streaming with high quality and anywhere in the Principality. In addition, 2 years ago Monaco launched the Monaco Tech, an accelerator and incubator for Monaco’s start-ups. MonacoTech helps innovative companies or business projects with high growth potential to get established in the Principality. In 2018 Monaco tech-supported 24 startups.

To sum up, Rebecca reckons that  5G is the promise of a better quality of life for all.  The 5G brings exceptional opportunities and it is far from a simple improvement in the performance of 4G. It is a revolution in itself. The energy, health, media, transport, tourism - all will be transformed thanks to 5G.