The Professional Management Convention Association partnered with design company Steelcase,  in order to survey hundreds of business leaders, at their PCMA Convening leaders 2019 event back in April. 

The results revealed information which we at Turnedsee,  have been preaching for quite some time now. Here is our commentary.

1. One of the most important aspects of event planning is the venue layout. This includes not only the outlook, general overflow and accessibility. It really comes down to details such as where to place chairs and tables, as well as the accessibility of amenities like food and water.

TURNEDSEE: Not only do these details impact how sustainable the overall event is, but also how happy the attendees are. TurnedSee team always suggests that the right venue search should not only concentrate on capacity or meters square of the event space. It should be focused on your event requirements and theme. Often times, the venue shape and layout is put on a second plan and that is a mistake.  Planners also need to take into consideration the age group of attendees. 

2. Planners need to make sure food and beverages are highly accessible to keep the general mood of guests high. This means having tables with refreshments located at key points throughout the venue, and not far away.

TURNEDSEE: Often times planners put food or drinks at the top or a bottom of the space, rather than placing them throughout the venue. This clearly is a mistake. If you are planning a large event you need to ensure a constant flow and accessibility of food and drinks. 

3. The report stated that the layout of the furniture also had a potential impact on the sustainability of an event. Respondents of the survey noted that sometimes there were no tables to set down their food and drinks, and when possible they would place them on empty chairs.

TURNEDSEE: We have also witnessed that on many occasions. Make sure to cooperate with your venue and negotiate extra tables and spaces for people where they can lay down the food or drinks and EXTRA BINS!

4. Another priority for participants was to have windows in the room - daylight during the event. 

TURNEDSEE: Daylight has a scientifically proven impact on the mood and wellbeing of the attendees during the event.  Turnedsee team will even go a bit further and say that THE VIEW from the windows also greatly impacts on attendee satisfaction. You can and should find a fabulous venue with a fantastic view, and often for exactly the same price. 

5. A very important aspect was also a number of panels and sessions being held. Many participants felt overwhelmed by a large number of sessions available or insufficient or inadequate information about them.

TURNEDSEE: Less is often more! We hate when panels and sessions are spread around and difficult to find, especially during a large event. If you are in a need to organise a lot of panels make sure they are EASY TO ACCESS. 

TO CONCLUDE: The right event venue matters much more than you could have imagined. In the era of the digital revolution and the rise of event technology, it is still the most common event aspects that can make a huge difference. No event can ever take place without a venue. But you truly need to spend more time,  researching the right one. It not only affects your brand but also attendee engagement, wellbeing, overall satisfaction and SUSTAINABILITY.

Join Turnedsee and let us help you, the next time.