For many professional event organisers, finding and booking a great keynote speaker is one of the most important tasks. 

What do the speakers do best? They tell stories. Some of the world's most popular keynote speakers are great storytellers. Some of the worlds best-speaking events are revolving around great stories. 

Have you ever listed to a TEDx speech? It follows the same pattern. Every speaker tells a personal story that shocks and educates people. 

Humans connect with stories on an emotional level. That is our nature. However, could a venue also become a keynote speaker at an event? What does that even mean?

The answer is yes… And it is yes in more ways than you could imagine. Everyone is looking for ways to make their events more engaging but many omit the fact that the right venue choice matters. The right venue can bring a lot more satisfaction to the attendees as well as engagement during the event.  

A place, a destination, a building can tell a story, just like humans can. 

We might not hear them “say it” out loud but after all, we do have 4 other senses to interpret the environment around us. Buildings are real and they explicitly engage us in a physical world. They live, combining functionality with imagination.

When we read a book, we are transported to the imaginary world our writer has created for us. The same is true with buildings: venues and hotels. In fact, the venues and hotels can only compete with each other based on the unique points and stories they have. That is why we at Turnedsee developed our bespoke discovery process, in order to promote our hotels and venues based on our uniqueness. 

What questions can we ask the event building, venue or hotel in order to hear their unique story? What questions should you be asking as an event planner?

1. When was the building constructed and what can it tell us about the past lifestyle?

Since 1876 the Frankfurter Hof Hotel is among the most famous hotels in the world.

If you ever get a chance to stay there, you will notice that its corridors are very wide. It can look peculiar now, but back in the Victorian times, it was necessary to accommodate the ladies who will be staying and walking those corridors. Why? Well in the 1860s, the female skirt has expanded, creating a dome shape, due to the invention of the first artificial cage crinoline. The purpose of the crinoline was to create an artificial hourglass silhouette by accentuating the hips and fashioning an illusion of a small waist; along with the corset.

2. What was its original purpose?

Imagine staying in a former perfume factory, in which the essences of the most beautiful aromas fill the building and indulge your senses? This is what you get at the boutique hotel in Milan, which opened its doors in 2013 and is called Magna Pars Suites Milano.

3. Who lived there?

Many countryside hotels, castles, offshore venues, were once a family home. Many interesting people have actually lived in those buildings.

4. Who worked there?

Tom Hanks started out as a hotel bellhop and was seen carrying the bags of a number of celebrities during his stint at a hotel. Tom Cruise was also a hotel bellhop once upon a time.

5. What happened there? Any important event?

In May 1922, The Shelbourne hotel Dublin played host to its most historic meeting — the drafting of the Irish Constitution.

6. Who stayed there? Anybody we admire or look up to. Any celebrity you love?

The boutique Riad El Fenn hotel in Marrakech was the venue where Madonna threw her boozy five-day 60th birthday bash, earlier this summer 2018.

7. Has it changed much during the years? Have its primary function changed?

Le Scribe hotel Paris was built in 1861 as part of the creation of the Opera district. Le Scribe has been chosen from the outset as the seat of the prestigious Jockey Club. In 1871, the building occupied the site of the first Louis Vuitton boutique. In 1895, the Lumière brothers presented the world’s first cinema screening.

8. What is its relationship with the local people and community?

OD HOTEL brand engages with the locals on a superb level. It showcases local artists, supports local suppliers, creates local-friendly events at their properties. As a result the event attendees, can spend some time with the local community and attend some of the well known local events held there. I love their now famous: BURGER MEETS GIN, Every Thursday at 20:00h.

9. Who works there now? Anybody, you admire? Famous chef, you always wanted to see?

No one understands the importance of fresh, locally sourced ingredients in creative, innovative cuisine more than Chef Philippe Farineau. With 25 years of fine dining experience under his belt and multiple awards to his name, Philippe Farineau is a maestro in the kitchen. As the new Executive Chef at the elegant Ashford Castle in County Mayo -Ireland,  he brings his love of French cuisine and Irish ingredients to the Castle’s incredible restaurants and dining rooms.

And finally number 10: How would all the stories, affect my event?

How can this unique information help me communicating my event message or objective? How can some of its stories or history, fit in with my brand and culture, to hi-light my band values further?

Design your event around a story or if you are a speaker, use the destination and a type of the venue you will be presenting in to strengthen your story. Make it more compelling.

Connect on a local level

Venue/hotel can help you in understanding the way of living of the locals. People know it, people walk by it every day, people use it. Many venues or hotels became a part of the community and as such earned respect and admiration of the locals.

As an event planner, you can also use that to your advantage. If you are hosting delegates from abroad, such a venue can help you to showcase what the region has to offer.

First impressions

When delegates and attendees arrive, the venue is the first thing they see. From the moment they walk through the door, their experience with your event starts. The venue will help you in creating the first impression and long-lasting memories.


The venue can hi-light your brand features in a lot of ways. We spend a lot time in the venue/hotel, during our event. We need to be inspired by the space we are in and the stories it tells us, just as much as the event content or decoration is meant to inspire and engage us.

Sustainability and corporate responsibility

The venue which supports sustainable practices plus corporate responsibility can inspire and support your organisation and your event to become better.

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